FIBARO SYSTEM Version 4.150

New improvements:

- Support for Fibaro The Heat Controller

- Support for Fibaro Wall Plug US

- Support for Fibaro Wall Plug UK

- Indicator for a device added in security mode

- Improved security communication handing

- Starting script optimalization

- System stability improvement

Resolved issues:

- In some cases no value field displayed in block scenes

- Application rejected Z-Wave request notification shows wrong device ID

- Weather condition change does not trigger the scene

- Problem with RGBW controller imported from a secondary Home Center

- Problem with deleting devices in version 4.140

- Problem with Wallc-S modules support

- Problem with recurrent scenes

- Devices with disabled "Show energy consumption measurements" still used in summary consumption on dashboard bar

- Problem with controlling devices added in security mode

- Problem with block scenes using Fahrenheit temperature scale

- Problem with Block scenes for devices that use centralSceneEvent

- Problem with generating Block and Magic scenes for CO Sensor

- Problem with room actions for block scenes.

- Problem with displaying event panel

- Minor graphic fixes

Notice for betatesters:

If you updated to one of the last beta version (4.141 - 4.144) and you were using Multichannel Associations, then please, reload modules' configurations before making any changes in Associations ("Read configuration" button in Advanced tab).

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