Version 4.120


Updating from version 3.600 may take up to 30 minutes. Do not restart controller during update process.

Resolved issues:

- Firmware Update section is hidden from the devices configuration.

- Weather plugins force the data refresh.

- Incorrect redirect after an update.

- It is not possible to create scene with weather or weather plugins as a condition.

- Information about the status change of some devices (e.g. Wall Plug) are not displayed in the event panel.

- Devices with unticked "Show measurement of energy consumption" option are counted in the global power measurement.

- You cannot edit the location points in the location panel.

- Central Scene Events are sent twice.

- Sending an unsupported action to a device can cause a crash of the Z-Wave service.

- Heating and cooling panels don't work with FGWP102 as an actor.

- Problem with LUA code execution in virtual devices.

- Lack of wind unit in API.

- Z-Wave network reset doesn't delete device notifications.

- Mobile devices containing Polish special characters in names are wrongly displayed.

- Update hangs up.

- Scale for power consumption is not displayed for RGBW.

- Dashboard always displays sunday.

- #0002626 deselecting notification of a low battery.

- Weather can't be used as a condition in block scenes.

- #0004014 Manual and holiday time rounds temperature sent to devices.

- Unification of time display in the web interface.

- Minor graphic fixes.

New devices support:

- Eurotronics Comet Z.

- Eurotronics Stella Z.

- Philio Technology Corp Multisensor PST02.

- Philio Technology Corp PAN06.

- Domitech LLC Smart LED Retrofit Kit ZE27EU.

Other improvements:

- Fibaro Keyfob - the ability to use key sequences for executing the action in system. The ability to block device with key and unblock it with key sequence.

- Magic scenes for devices which use Scene Controller or Scene Activation - the ability to add scenes in the configuration of device supporting Central Scene or Scene Activation. Devices already existing in Home Center require soft reconfiguration, after reconfiguration you will have new configuration options.

- Verification of available space in the system - available space is checked before the software update. In case of insufficient space update will not start. The view of system update is now similar to configuration Wizard.

- Remote support on demand - feature is default off, in LAN settings tab you can grant possibility to enable remote connection for Fibaro Support.

- Functionality of temperature measurments export (CSV file) in temperature panel.

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