Using Aeon Labs Minimote in Fibaro HCL

Using Aeon Labs Minimote in Fibaro HCL

Use these instruction to easily set the Aeon Labs Minimote controller as a secondary controller in the Fibaro Home Center Lite control unit.

The Aeon Labs Minimote device can work as an independent Z-Wave controller, this means that it is able to assign (associate) the particular Z-Wave devices to the functions of its buttons.

You can find more information on the hierarchy of the Z-Wave communication protocol in this article.

How to add Minimote into HCL as a secondary controller?

  • Push and hold the Learn button on the Minimote controller for 3 seconds.
  • In the HCL control unit, set the Learning mode to add the device (Inclusion).
  • During pairing, LED indicators will blink on the Minimote controller.
  • Wait until the process is completed - then the icon of the Minmote device is displayed in the Fibaro interface.

Creating a block scene for Minimote

  • Select the Scenes section in the Fibaro HCL web interface.
  • Then Add scene.
  • Add Block scene.
  • See the figure below and modify the block scene if necessary.

aeon labs minimote

In the Scene activation item you can define the button for starting the scene.

The meaning of the particular numbers of buttons in the LUA code (ButtonPressed).

  • 1 – short push - upper left button
  • 2 – long push - upper left button
  • 3 – short push - upper right button
  • 4 – long push - upper right button
  • 5 – short push - lower left butoon
  • 6 – long push - lower left button
  • 7 – short push - lower right button
  • 8 – long push - lower right button

aeon labs minimote

Removing Minimiote (Exclusion) Fibaro HCL control unit

  • Set the control unit into the Learning mode to remove the devices from the Z-Wave network (exclusion).
  • Push the Learn button.

Factory Reset Minimote

Hold the Associate and Learn buttons until the LED indicators stop blinking (approximately 10 seconds).

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