SECURE SRT323 Wireless Thermostat

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Z-Wave Secure SRT323 Room Thermostat with LCD display

  • TPI temperature control software
  • Temperature range 5 °C to 30 °C
  • Local and remote set point control
  • Battery operated, no mains wiring needed
  • Operates as a standalone product if no network is available
  • Easy to install and use

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The SRT323 is a battery-operated wall-mounted thermostat. It is equipped with a dial that lets the user adjust the setpoint temperature for that room. This thermostat includes a remote control. It is therefore not necessary to install an actuator by the water heater.

TPI Algorithm

By verifying the setpoint temperature against the current measured temperature, the thermostat decides whether or not to activate the water heater. Furthermore, this thermostat includes a TPI (Time Proportional Integral) algorithm, allowing for more accurate optimization and adjustment of your environment.

Z-Wave use

The thermostat can receive the setpoint temperature through another Z-wave controller, and may also be used as a temperature sensor. The thermostat itself does not have integrated timers, but can execute Z-wave and local commands.

Replace your old thermostat

It may also be used as a replacement for your existing thermostat, without needing to make any changes to your wiring. The TPI algorithm optimizes lighting and extinction of heat in order to maintain the setpoint temperature, without surpassing it. It has been demonstrated that TPI controllers save considerably more energy in comparison to traditional heating regulators.

The SRT323 is an ideal partner for use with your automated system, letting you control your heating from a distance. You don’t need to worry about entering a cold house anymore, as long as you have a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop connected to the internet.


  • Home thermostat
  • Replaces your existing thermostat
  • Wireless Z-wave technology
  • LCD backlit screen
  • Simple to use
  • Compatible with other z-wave products
  • A single button

Technical specifications

  • Module type: Z-wave controller
  • TPI algorithm
  • Relays of two types:
  • Resistive (for example, electric heating): 3A/600W to 230V AC
  • Inductive (for example, generator/pump) or capacitive: 1A/200W to 230V AC.
  • Range of available temperatures: 5°C to 30°C
  • Power: 2x AAA batteries (LR3)
  • Lifespan of the batteries: 2 years
  • Frequency: 868.42 MhZ
  • Range: up to 50m free range
  • Protection Index: IP30
  • Functioning temperatures: 0°C to 40°C
  • Dimensions : 86 x 87 x 36.25 mm
Data sheet
HS CODE90321020900
Z-Wave technologyZ-Wave (Gen 3) 868.42 MHz
IoT - Internet of ThingsWireless communication
Power SupplyBattery
Heating ControlReplacement for conventional thermostats
Type of useIndoor
IP RatingIP30
Temperature MeasurementYes
Compatibility with HOMEYYes
FIBARO HC2 CompatibilityYes
FIBARO HC LITE CompatibilityYes
VERA PLUS CompatibilityNot Tested
VERA EDGE CompatibilityNot Tested
ZIPABOX CompatibilityNot Tested
RAZBERRY CompatibilityNot Tested
POPP CompatibilityNot Tested
PIPER CompatibilityNot Tested

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