Z-Wave Controller - Fibaro Home Center 2 Black (FGHC2)

Fibaro Compatibility
Compatible with FIBARO


New product

Home gateway to communicate with an entire home Z-Wave network and external servers.

  • Remote access via web page or mobile phone
  • Simple, friendly user interface with easy configuration
  • Broadband (DSL and Cable) and Ethernet connections
  • Geolocalization
  • High-speed operation with Ultra low-energy consumption
  • Advanced backup and recovery system

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FIBARO Home Center 2 (Black Edition)

The Fibaro Home Center 2 Black (HC 2) is the brain of your home automation system. The flagship of the Fibaro System integrates up to 230 devices into your Z-Wave network, manages all devices and connects them with each other into intelligent automation scenes.

The Home Center 2 is the most efficient Z-Wave gateway in the market. It has the most powerful processor and uses LUA script language enabling extremely complex automation scenes. Now it is also in black available.

Elegant and Modern

The Home Center 2 is expertly designed - in and out.

Its modern, elegant looks, thanks to its sleek aluminium case, mean that it won't be out of place, no matter where you install it. Available in two colour variants it will match your style perfectly.

Quick and easy installation

In order to install HC2, all you need to do is connect the power cord and Ethernet cable as shown here, It is really that simple. Once setup is complete, you can access your new Home Center 2 through your home Wi-Fi network. If there is an issue, troubleshoot by holding the reset button for a few seconds and access the HC2 control panel with the IP address

Great comfort thanks to Devices Panels

The Home Center 2 interface gives You easy control over groups of devices responsible for the same functionality – heating, air conditioning, garden watering. Thanks to Devices Panels, you can easily schedule operations for groups of devices, based on the day of the week or the time of day.

Linked devices offer new possibilities

The Linked Devices function lets you combine multiple devices into one virtual device with combined functionality – for example, 3 heater thermostats plus temperature and humidity sensors. The primary advantage of this feature is the convenience of being able to control multiple devices at the same time, at the press of one button. The second advantage is a reduction of the number of devices icons in the user interfaces.


  • Z-Wave smart home gateway
  • High-quality housing
  • Remote control via web browser and mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Geo localization
  • LUA script language
  • High-speed operation with extreme low-energy consumption
  • Advanced backup and recovery system
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave


  • Processor: Intel Atom (1.6GHz)
  • Memory: 1GB SDRAM + 2GB SLD Hard Drive
  • Power Supply: 9-12VDC (power adapter included)
  • LEDS: energy, status, ethernet, LAN, Z-Wave etc.
  • External beam antenna
Data sheet
Z-Wave technologyZ-Wave (Gen 3) 868.42 MHz
IoT - Internet of ThingsWireless communication
Cable technologyEthernet 100Mbps
Intelligent management and controlAutonomy - intelligent home management
Multimedia ControlIP over LAN
Climate ControlIP over LAN
Power SupplyCable Power
Type of useIndoor
IP RatingIP20
FIBARO HC2 CompatibilityYes
FIBARO HC LITE CompatibilityYes

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