Heatit Z-Water, control the hydronic heating 10 outputs


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Heatit Z-Water DIN rail module with 10 relay outputs may be used for controlling actuators/valves in a hydronic heating system

  • Control both 24V actuators and 230V actuators
  • Can be used together with a Heatit Z-Temp sensor in each zone
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Works as a Z-Wave repeater
  • 4 Analog inputs to connect 10 kOhm NTC temperature sensors

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Warning 1: We only sell firmware version 2.1, inputs are analog and inputs serve to connecting NTC 10 kOhm temperature sensors.

Warning 2: We do not provide firmware change to version 2.0 where inputs are digital/binary. This version currently includes multiple bugs that make it impossible to control 10. output and the inputs are inoperable.


Heatit Z-Water is a DIN-rail regulator for controlling hydronic heating. Heatit Z-Water is a module that clips right onto a DIN rail to add a variety of functions to your wireless Z-Wave network.

Heatit Z-Water is equipped with 10 relay outputs and it has 4 analog inputs for connecting 10 kOhm NTC temperature sensors. The module can be power supplied from a 230V AC mains connection, and is able to deliver an output supply of 24V DC or 230V. Heatit Z-Water relay outputs are able to be freely controlled from the Z-Wave network, and can be used for several purposes, e.g. on/off control of light, control of valve actuators for an underfloor heating system, or control of other home automation systems.

Heatit Z-Water has 4 analog inputs for connecting 10 kOhm NTC temperature sensors.

It is possible to configure the level and the indication of the status indicator LED in the front of the Heatit Z-Water module.

Technical data

  • Protocol: Z-Wave
  • SDK: 6.71.00
  • Rated voltage: 100V – 240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 0.6W standby
  • Fuse: 3.15A Quick-Acting, UMF 250 Schurter Inc., part no.: 3405.0171.11
  • 24V DC output: Maximum 1.17A, 28W
  • Relay outputs: Rated carry current: 5A
  • Max. switching voltage: 250V AC, 30V DC
  • Max. switching current: 5A
  • Max. switching power: 1,250 VA, 150W
  • Max. input voltage: 10V DC
  • Input impedance: 10 KΩ
  • Loop output voltage: 5V DC
  • Explorer frame supp.: Yes
  • Device type: Slave with routing capabilities
  • Generic device class: Binary Switch
  • Specific device class: Valve Open Close
  • Routing: Yes
  • FLiRS: No
  • Z-Wave Plus: Yes
  • Approvals CE, EN 50491-3: 2009, EN 60669-2: 2004, EMC 2014/30/EU, RoHS 2011/65/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU
Data sheet
Z-Wave technologyZ-Wave Plus (Gen 5) 868.42 MHz
IoT - Internet of ThingsWireless communication
Neutral wireRequired
Power SupplyCable Power
Heating ControlWater Floor Heating
Type of electrical interconnectionDry Contact
Type of useIndoor
IP RatingIP20
Switching AC voltage 230VYes
Switching DC voltage 12-30VYes
Compatibility with HOMEYYes
FIBARO HC2 CompatibilityYes
FIBARO HC LITE CompatibilityYes
VERA PLUS CompatibilityNot Tested
VERA EDGE CompatibilityNot Tested
ZIPABOX CompatibilityNot Tested
RAZBERRY CompatibilityNot Tested
POPP CompatibilityNot Tested
PIPER CompatibilityNot Tested
Compatibility with O2 Smart BoxNot tested

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