Philips HUE White ambiance Light recipe Kit 9.5W E27

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Package of Philips HUE White ambiance Light recipe Kit 9.5W E27 contains:

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Brand: Philips Hue

Tags: ZigBee, Philips Hue

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Wake up and go to sleep naturally

Philips Hue will help get you out of bed the way you like it, helping you to start your day feeling refreshed. The light brightness increases gradually, mimicking the effect of sunrise and helps you to wake up naturally, instead of being woken up by the loud sound of an alarm clock. Start your day the right way. In the evening, the relaxing warm white light helps you to unwind, relax and prepare your body for a good night’s sleep.

Create your ambience with warm white to cool daylight

Set the right ambience for any moment and decorate your home with warm to cool white light. Enjoy different styles throughout the year, whether it's the crisp white light reminding you of a spring breeze, the warm white light of a summer sun or the ice cool daylight of winter.

Relax, read, concentrate and energise with light recipes

Light influences our mood and behaviour. Philips Hue can help you to customise your daily routines into moments that you can enjoy. Skip your morning coffee and get ready for the day with cool, bright-white daylight that helps to energise your body and mind. Stay focused with finely tuned bright-white light. Or put your feet up and relax with a soft glow of white light for the perfect end to the day.


Put your feet up and relax with the soft glow of white light for the perfect end to the day. Relaxing white light can help you to unwind in the evening and sleep better at night


Get lost in your favourite book for hours on end with Philips Hue. It provides you with the right white light for a perfect read


Stay focused with finely tuned bright white light. It can help you get things done quickly and efficiently without distractions, whether you're studying for an exam, working from home or choosing the perfect outfit to look your best


Skip your morning coffee and get ready for the day with cool, bright white daylight that helps to energise your body and mind. Perfect for those moments when your batteries are running low and you need a kick-start

Smart control, home and away

With the Philips Hue iOS and Android apps, you can control your lights remotely wherever you are. Check if you have forgotten to switch your lights off before you left home, and switch them on if you are working late.

Set timers for your convenience

Philips Hue can make it seem like you're at home when you're not, using the schedule function in the Philips Hue app. Set the lights to come on at a pre-set time, so the lights are on when you arrive home. You can even set rooms to light up at different times. And of course, you can let the lights turn off gradually in the night, so you never have to worry whether you've left any lights on.

Installation-free dimming

Experience guaranteed smooth dimming with Philips Hue. Not too bright. Not too dark. Just right. No need for wires, an electrician or installation

Control it your way

Connect your Philips Hue lights with the bridge and start discovering the endless possibilities. Control your lights from your smartphone or tablet via the Philips Hue app, or add switches to your system to activate your lights. Set timers, notifications, alarms and more for the full Philips Hue experience. Philips Hue even works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Home to allow you to control your lights with your voice.

Hue dimmer switch included

Control your Philips Hue lights without using your smartphone or tablet. With the included wireless switch, you can turn your lights on/off, switch between 4 pre-set light settings and dim to the right brightness

Technical details:

Bulb - Dimmable only through smart devices

Watts equivalent: 60 W
Efficacy factor:> 0.5
Number of switching cycles: 50000
Energy efficiency label: A +
Nominal life: 25000 hour (s)
Connection: E27
Factor shape: A19
Lifetime: 25000 hour (s)
Color temperature: 2 200 - 6 500 K
Power Watts: 10.5 watts
Input voltage: 220 V - 240 V
Colors: from warm to cool white,
Luminous power:> 80 CRI at 4,000 K
Lumen output: 800 lm at 4000 K
Software Upgrade Option: When connecting to Hue Bridge
Start: Instant light output 100%
Height: 110 mm
Height: 4.3 inches
Width: 62 mm
Width: 2.4 inch
Max. Operating power: 9.5 W
Max. Standby power: 0.1 W

Wall dimmer

Batteries included: 1 x CR2450
Frequency band: 2400-2483.5 MHz
Lifetime: 50,000 clicks
Max. Number of lights on switch: 10 if not connected to Hue Bridge
Minimum interior range: 12 m
Minimum battery life: min. 3 years (years)
Upgraded software: when connected to the Hue Bridge
Switch depth: 11 mm
Switch height: 92 mm
Switch width: 35 mm
Depth of wall plate: 14 mm
Wall plate height: 115 mm
Wall width: 70 mm
Zigbee Light link: IEEE 802.15.4 protocol

What is inside the box?

Bridge: No
Ethernet network cable: No
Power Adapter: No
Hue bulbs: 1
Hue Wall Dimmer: 1

Operating conditions

Operating humidity: 5% <H <95% (no condensation)
Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 45 ° C
Data sheet
IoT - Internet of ThingsWireless communication
Apple HomeKitYes
ZigBee2.4 GHz
Lighting ControlLight bulbs
Type of useIndoor
IP RatingIP20
Compatibility with HOMEYYes

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Philips HUE White ambiance Light recipe Kit 9.5W E27

Package of Philips HUE White ambiance Light recipe Kit 9.5W E27 contains:

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