RaZBerry and Raspberry Pi 3

RaZBerry and Raspberry Pi 3


RaZBerry and Raspberry Pi 3

In this blog we will explain how to connect the Z-Wave RaZBerry adapter to the Raspberry Pi, version 3 mini-computer. The main and significant difference between the new Raspberry Pi third version and the older versions is the more powerful hardware and the integration of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. This is connected also with problems occuring while using the Z-Wave RaZBerry adapter on Raspberry Pi, version 3. Therefore it is necessary to have the Bluetooth techology switched off while using the RaZBerry adapter. The manufacturer added a script ensuring that after the installation of the Z-Wave interface the Bluetooth technology is automatically switched off.

Brief instructions

  1. Formatting the Micro SD card
  2. Downloading the Raspbian operating system (link for downloading) and its writing on the memory card
  3. Connecting Raspberry Pi 3 into the interner network. Subsequent installation of the Z-Way interface using the command wget -q -O - razberry.z-wave.me/install | sudo bash (using an SSH client, e.g.. PuTTy, or using a monitor or a VNC client).
  4. Setting the login data into the Z-Way interface and the usage of the Z-Wave network.


Instructions for the preparation of Raspberry Pi 3 for using the Z-Wave RaZBerry adapter



Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this mini-computer has stopped supplying the Micro SD card and therefore it is necessary to provide for such a memory card with the capacity of at least 8 GB. Then insert this card, using a suitable adapter, into the card reader and format it, e.g. by using the SDFormatter software. It is necessary to select the correct unit.

raspberry format


After this step download the .zip file, that, after extracting, becomes an image file containing the Raspbian operating system, at the moment in the version Jessie. Link for downloading.

raspbian jessie 

After extracting it is necessary to write this image file on a memory card prepared by us, and you can do it easily by using the Win32DiskImager programme. It is necessary to set the correct path to the image file and the correct unit of the memory card.

disk imager raspberry 

After completed writing you can connect Raspberry Pi 3 to a power supply that must fulfil the parameters for the 5V DC output signal and 2A. If you have a monitor you can connect it to Raspberry Pi 3 using a HDMI port and simply run the command line. In these instructions we use secured access to the comman line, i.e. SSH using the PuTTy programme. So it is necessary to find out the IP address of Raspberry Pi 3.

You can find out the IP address of Raspberry Pi 3 in a a number of ways, using the following:

  • the command line with the command arp –a (if you know the MAC address of the device)
  • the web interface of the router
  • the dedicated software, e.g. Advanced IP Scanner

advanced ip scanner 



Open the SSH client, PuTTY, insert the found IP address into the Host Name (or IP address) field. Click Open. A window with a warning pops out where you must click Yes. Then Raspberry asks you to log in, the default login data are: login: pi password: raspberry. After you have successfully logged in you can enter specific commands into the command line. It is good to have the core of the operating system and the operating system itself to be upgraded, do this by entering the following commands:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade



After the updates and upgrades are completed you can finally install the Z-Way interface using the command that is mentioned by the manufacturer on their website:

wget -q -O - razberry.z-wave.me/install | sudo bash


After the process has successfully been competed the message "Thank you for using RaZBerry" should be displayed. Then it is necessary to reset the Raspberry Pi software using the command:

sudo reboot


Z-Way interface

You can enter the Z-Way interface in several ways, you can enter the IP address of our Raspberry Pi into the browser and add the port :8083 (e.g. in our case), or use the website https://find.z-wave.me/zboxweb which is also used to get remote access to the unit.

Then you will be asked to change the factory-set password so you must choose your own password. The factory-set login data are login: admin password: admin. Then you finally enter the Z-Way interface and you can fully use the potential of the control unit.

find.z-wave.me Z-way


Tips and tricks, troubleshooting

Tip no.1: We recomment to carry out the adding and removing of devices in the expert mode. You can enter the expert mode for example using, or you can click into the expert mode from the classical mode.

 expert mode

Tip no.2: How to upgrade the firmware of the device. It is very simple, just follow the figures.

upgrade firmware

upgrade firmware 


Tip no.3: Finding the login data for remote access, remember your the ID of your RaZBerry and set your own password for remote acces. You can enter this screen by using the port :8084 and in our case it is, if an error message is displayed you must update the firmware of the device.

remote access 

Tip no.4: In case of error messages you have to carry out the soft reset of Raspberry Pi, e.g. using PuTTy (enter the IP address of your RaZBerry) and the command sudo reboot.


Note: If you have further technical questions contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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